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Welcome to Hosford International

Hosford International an Erie, PA based Customs Broker providing Customs clearance services and international logistics expertise to companies throughout the US

Since 1965, companies looking for a competitive advantage in the global marketplace have turned to Hosford for their international shipping needs. Our objective has always been to provide our clients the kind of customized service which is not available to them from "big box" logistics companies. Import or export, Hosford International has the expertise to handle all aspects of the international movement, with a timeliness and attention to detail that is unmatched.

Hosford International has a reputation of providing efficient, dependable, knowledgeable, and responsive service.  Call us today to learn how we can assist your organization with all your International shipping and receiving needs.


Customs Brokerage

Since 1973 Hosford International has been licensed as a Customs Broker serving the port of Erie, PA. In 2006, Hosford International obtained a National Permit to allow filing at ports nationwide. This allowed us to target companies not only in northwestern Pennsylvania, but around the country as well. We are able to bring our small but flexible staff to importers throughout the United States. Customs brokerage has been our primary focus over the years, providing  services and guidance to small and medium sized importers. For questions about our Customs Brokerage Services please feel free to contact the import team

Freight Forwarding

In 2017 Hosford International introduced an addition to our services with Freight Forwarding. For years clients have asked for this and we are proud to introduce freight forwarding to help facilitate their needs. With a network of agents around the globe, we are able to ship your products to anywhere in the world.  For questions about our freight forwarding services feel free to contact the export team.

Customs Bonds

Customs Bonds are a critical aspect of any import shipment. Your choice of an annual continuous bond or single entry bonds are needed for every customs entry. Whichever you choose,  our solid surety company is there to back up your obligations to the government. We also offer International Carrier Bonds and Custodian of Bonded Merchandise Bonds for carriers and terminals that require them for their operations. Contact our office for details about bonds.

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